This is our story. And it’s not over yet…

I grew up shoving little dolls under my shirt pretending to be pregnant.
Always playing mommy. Always with 12 kids. {queue my husband gasping}

Scott grew up shoving little dolls into tin cans turning them into zombies.
This really has nothing to do with his future as a father.
But, for reasons that are beyond my understanding, he still loves zombies.

We were born in the same city, same hospital and ended up both going to school in the same city of a different state.
We both loved the Green Bay Packers and hated raw onions.

A match made in heaven.

 We met briefly in 2000, began dating in 2003, got married in 2005 and started the journey to start our little family in 2008. The next few years would bring more heartache than we could have ever imagined as we experienced the joys of pregnancy six times to then be met with the grief of loss five of those times. We lost our first little one in July, 2008. Our second little one in November, 2008. Our third little one in June, 2009. Our fourth baby in February, 2012. And our fifth baby in November, 2012.

I never thought growing a family would be so painful. Neither of us did.

Our journey to get to where we are now can’t be summed up in a pretty packaged “Get to Know Us” tab on a website. So, we will keep this portion fairly simple for simplicity sake alone.

 I have known that my future family would be unique ever since I was little. And now that God blessed us with an incredible miracle by gifting us with our little girl, Emara Jane, we are even more excited to have siblings join us! (You can read the beginning of this story at our old blog, www.stephzibell.blogspot.com  Go to June 2009 and read away.)

 This is the beginning chapter to our journey of bringing our baby, Abraham, home from Ethiopia. Our second child on earth…

We are expectant. Impatient. Ecstatic. Overwhelmed. Overjoyed.

And we welcome you all to be a part of our story.