Join Our Store(y)

Artists/Designers/Creators of anything lovely – If you are interested in making something designed specifically for our store (with either all or a portion of the proceeds going towards our adoption…we can work that out individually!) – We want to spotlight YOU (your etsy…website…facebook store, etc) for a month and also sell your specifically made for us item too! Its a win-win situation for us all! You get to support us in our adventure to bring our baby home and we get to support your business!

Not Crafty But Still Want to Help? We are also looking to have a monthly auction and are looking for items of value (new items only please!) to auction off! So, if you have connections somewhere or have something to donate to the auction, we will welcome with open arms! (unless it is Chicago Bears apparel…I will do anything for this baby…but, that…that would be difficult.)

If you are interested in joining our Store(y) – Please contact us at thezibells@gmail.com or you can message us on facebook!